After years of freelancing, in 2017 the four founders made Overclock a reality; creating a new and previously unknown reality in the audiovisual business. The presence of an excellent and specialised staff allows Overclock to excel in various sectors: from advertising to live shows, from automotives to music video clips or to a cinema set.


Overclock is a new but almost entirely established reality in the audiovisual business. It offers customers a crew of skilled technicians, with a wide variety of professional equipment to fulfil their needs. Our customers can rely on a highly professional team that works in complete harmony.

  • Stefano Bella
    Cinematographer and Steadicam operator
  • Loris Galetta
    Focus puller and Ronin2 operator
  • Marco Sbarra
    Camera operator
  • Alessandro Bella

Another strength of the crew is its equipment: specifically, Overclock is specialised on image- stabilization systems, which is essentially a guarantee. The inventory storage is constantly growing with new technologic equipment.